Phone conference focusing on the most important

 Ringalong’s phone conference service is both easy and safe to use.

100 million unique codes

With 8 digits the code has 100 million different variations for your phone conference. This will ensure that others do not use the same code as you. We recommend that the meeting organizer uses its own unique phone number as the code for the meeting. It is safe and easy to remember for everyone. The meeting could convene the meeting in the same way as any other meeting. Write, for example, phone number and the code in an Outlook invitation or email, so the participants have the right at hand or in the calendar.

Private meeting

It’s easy to ensure that no unauthorized person listening in on the meeting. Each time a participant connects to the meeting, a beeping tone. Each time a participant leaves the conference will hear a falling tone.


Our technology is based on a combination of traditional mobile telephony and the latest IP-based standards and is located on high performance servers. We can scale the solution based on the needs and constant overcapacity to receive peaks. The sound quality is ensured by our echo cancel technologies and ensures optimum sound.Mobilmø has been Denmark’s favourite meeting phone, because we focus on simplicity, good voice quality and low price as the most important characteristics of a good phone conference. Therefore used Mobile phone Plenary Assembly meetings of more than half of the 100 largest Danish companies and thousands of others in all industries. See examples of functions in customised phone conference solutions from We are constantly working to make phone conference even better. Therefore, we now introduce a range of new cool features, including  one-to-many conference calling and recording of telephone meetings in the conference call phone at 0844 844 2345.


We are working continuously to make your phone conference even better. That is why we are pleased to provide you now imagine a host of new features, including one-to-many conference calls and records of your phone conference with Ringalong under the 0844 844 2345

One-to-many conferences – free call with King Conference

Ringalong makes it even easier to hold large conferences. Keep out telefonferences and easily determine itself whether the participants have a say, or are intended to be only listeners. Think as usual an 8-digit code and call the Ringalong number 0844 844 2345 If you are in a conference call, you can press * 8 and as a moderator so just turn mute all participants. This way you can keep your undisturbed presentation and your audience can, without the disturbing background noise of a crowded conference room, focus on your words. Pressing again * 8 make the mute undo. There are three different modes of the * 8 function for your conference call:

1) Microphone mute, with individual control:


When a subscriber presses * 8 on my phone, he represents all the other participants of the conference free call mute, they can now only listen. In this way, participants can talk undisturbed presentation. If another person is a question or a comment, it may press on his own phone * 6 and then turn on only his own microphone. Pressing again * 6 is to turn off the participants of the teleconference his microphone again after his question was answered.

2) Microphone mute, without individual control:

If the moderator of the meeting * 8 double text box that it can all participants in the conference call mute without them have the ability to set their own mute with * 6 overridden. If you want to go as a presenter directly in this mode, press * 8 *. 8

3) Microphone active for all participants:

If you type as a moderator for a third time * 8, the microphones of all participants are enabled again. Open discussions are easier and more efficient.

Record your telephone conference

We make it easier for you to write a log of your teleconference.

With Ringalong you can record each of your conference calling and download it later as an audio file to your computer. Your teleconference ONLY is recorded when you press * 9 on your phone.

To start recording, press *. 9 If you want to stop recording or the meeting is finished, press * 9 or simply hang up.

If your conferecne is finished, you simply fill out the form below with your contact details, the code, which you have chosen for your meeting, and has at the place the date the meeting. We will immediately send you the audio file to your conference calling, which can then also send the other participants. This service is free if you use the 0844 844 2345 choose to hold your telephone conferences.

This form is exclusively for requests to audio files of teleconference Thought. If you have other questions or suggestions, please contact us. You about customer service