Free Phone conference provided by Ringalong


Participants in free phone conference with Ringalong, you can make unlimited calls for free, and you won’t get any bills from us. You have to either register or book your meeting. You only pay for your own free phone conference, and only for your own telecommunications company. Similarly pays the other participants in the free phone conference, even for their own telephone conference call to meeting the phone. Participants in the conference from abroad can call locally in more than 55 countries.

Therefore our free phone conference service won’t charge you. You get back bill from when using our telephone conference call. However, you will of course pay for using your phone and note that 0844 844 2345 is a service number, which has a per-minute rate. used today by more than half of the 100 largest companies in the UK and thousands of small and medium-sized companies in all industries that use either the conference phone at 0844 844 2345 or a customised solution from

Free phone conference which cost you nothing extra – each participant pays only for his own vocation

Some have asked how we can offer such cheap rates. It’s simple: Our revenue generates partly from the conferences through partnerships with telecommunications companies in the UK, partly from customized solutions for telephone conference calling and other solutions for collaboration and communication, for example. Mobile exchange and international customer service solutions with hosted local numbers in relevant countries.

We earn a little on the conference call held on 0844 844 2345 through agreements with the UK telecommunications companies as part of your payment to your own phone company accrues to us. In this way we can meet the phone at 0844 844 2345 free of subscription and free registration.

Easy and Free phone conference. And its the only one global.

Ringalongs free phone conference service makes use of the so-called service numbers in 0844 number series, which is also known from TDC telephone conference calls, Telenor and Telia meeting telephone free conference call. conferences via stand out by being cheaper and by being the only international solution in the field.

We offer free phone conference service in the U.K. Unlike many adversaries, we do not use premium rate numbers, which come with avaricious call charges, but use a shared cost 0844 number instead. This number incurs a maximum fee of only 5p /min for landline calls, and a maximum of 41p /min for mobile users, irrespective of your network provider. And because we work together with one of the biggest network providers of the country, we can offer you excellent and determined call quality at invincible prices.

Tired of filling in your details and receiving annoying e-mails you never wanted? Not with Ringalong. No sign up, no registration, no details.  Just call 0844 844 2345, put in your agreed 8-digit code and start talking. Having a free conference calls has never been this simple.

Cheap customized solution – Free conference calls

Will you keep even cheaper calls, you can sign an accord for a tailored solution where you get a dedicated regular landline numbers without premium rate.You can own numbers in the UK and abroad. It also allows you to get your own welcome message to the conference. It markets your company internally and externally, and signals good, professional service. See more about how you can save money and provide better service with tailored solution for free conference calls