Free Conference Calls on 0844 844 2345

Conferencing phone calls do not need to be an expensive and stressful task – by choosing Ringalong we provide an easy and cheap way to communicate putting an end to high bills and bad service.

Our mission is to provide simplicity, excellent sound quality and affordability to our customers, and with Ringalong conference call solutions, we believe we have done just that. Our hosted system puts an end to expensive conference phones and can supplement or even replace video conferencing solutions.

With Ringalong there is no need to set up an account or register- we require no details whatsoever.

You will receive no invoice from us: you only pay the call charges to your network provider, no additional costs are added. Conference calling at Ringalong can accommodate up to 1000 participants in one call. Ringalong is a part of our network of local dial in numbers for audio conferencing and runs on specially designed high tech platforms. We also offer customized solutions to businesses.


Inexpensive: Every participant only pays for a call to a 0844 number with no added charges. Charges for landlines are 5p / min and 41p / min max. for mobile phone users, irrespective of their network provider.


Easy: All you need for your conference call is a mobile or landline phone. An extra conference enabled phone is not needed. Simply call 0844 844 2345 or on of our international dial in numbers.


Safe: With an 8 -digit code there are 100 million different combinations that ensure complete confidentiality of your conference.

High Capacity

High volume: accommodates up to 1000 participants in one single conference.


International: Participants abroad can dial in to one of the 55 international numbers at a local rate to enter the conference call.

Ringalong makes conference calling simple and quick

If you want to invite participants to a conference call , simply arrange a code and a time with them.  All you need to do is choose an 8 digit code (eg 11112222 ). We recommend that your code is unique e.g something only you know – with 100 million possibilities there are plenty of choices!

  • As there is no need to register the conference call or the participants, inviting participants is very straightforward. Simply inform them about the date and the code of the upcoming conference call e.g via SMS , e-mail, Outlook invitation or verbally.
  • Participants simply dial 0844 844 2345 and when prompted enter the agreed code. Immediately after the eighth number is entered by the first participant, the call will be automatically opened . If you enter the wrong code, you can simply hang up and call again . If are you the first participant in a conference, you will be informed by an announcement. As soon as another party dials into the conference, you will hear a short beep, and when someone leaves the conference call, a short falling tone.
  • Now you can get started with your conference call . To exit the virtual conference room, simply hang up and save the time and money – Have fun at your conference call.

The team behind Ringalong


Telephone conferences on 0844 844 2345 are a service of Voxogo ApS , VAT Reg. 33574959

Ringalong is part of our global network of local dial-in numbers with free access numbers in over 55 countries , which are used by both our customers and our business partners.

In addition to Ringalong, Voxogo also offers Microsoft Lync solutions for cost-effective telephony and business telephony. We are a Microsoft Cloud Partner.

Voxogo was founded in 2011 by Jakob Munk and Kim Paludan . Jacob has worked in the telecommunications industry for the last 12 years and as a management consultant, most recently at Telenor Denmark. Kim has 15 years experience with IT and digital applications, both as a private entrepreneur, as well as an IT manager and consultant, most recently at Microsoft. Our applications are developed and operated by an international team from Denmark, England, Sweden, Germany, France, Ukraine and Argentina. So we regularly use our own solutions for international conference calls.

Please do not hesitate to call us on EDIT if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about Ringalong – and of course if you have any questions about our other offers . More about our applications can be found at