Make a free telephone conference with Globalcaller on 0844 844 2345

 join in a easy and free phone conference in the U.K. and to 55 Other Countries.

choose an 8 digit code
  • Choose an 8-digit conference code ( create it yourself )
  • No set-up or reservation needed
  • Share the telephone conference code and meeting time with participants
phone number
  • Call in to 0844 844 2345
  • Participants outside of the UK call in on an international number
  • Dial the code – the telephone conference is created automatically
easy and cheap

  • A beep will sound when a participant enters the conference call
  • Share a presentation or steer the telephone conference with clever functions
  • Simply hang up to leave the telephone conference


For our low cost conference calls, each participant carries only the cost of his call. This amounted to 9 cents / minute from a landline and a maximum of 42 cents / minute from the mobile network.


The only thing you need is a regular mobile or landline phone. Then call the 0844 844 2345 for the phone conference to start.


Dial in with an 8-digit code. For an 8-digit code, there are 100 million different code combinations to choose from. This assures that your conference calls are safe.

Good Sound

Up to 92 participants can participate in the same phone conference at the same time!


Participants from abroad can make calls locally in more than 55 countries or to the UK.


Press *1 to access the main menu. For instance, you can control the sound, lock the conference, or record the phone conference. You can also view shared presentations and discuss online.

Get started with three simple steps for your conference calls

Step 1

First decide a phone conference time and an 8-digit meeting code. There is no activation or registration required. You don’t need to worry about how many participants there will be in the phone conference room. All participants have to call in at the agreed time and participate in the phone conference as soon as they have entered the phone conference code.

Step 2

Conference participants call in on 0844 844 2345 and key in their 8-digit code. Participants that are calling outside of the UK can also participate in a telephone conference – they just need to call from their local dial-in number (see the full list under International). The  telephone conference will be created as soon as the first conference participant enters the meeting code.


Step 3

Your telephone conference call is now in progress. You will hear a beep tone when a participant connects to the conference and a falling tone when a participant leaves. Simply hang up when you are finished with your phone conference. Enjoy your telephone conference!